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Teamwork makes the dream work. I'm proud and humbled to work with some of the best people in the industry and community at-large ✨

Here's a brief list of some of the amazing people, projects and efforts I've had the pleasure of working with, supporting and being inspired by. The related domains range from software engineering, leadership, design systems, product, operations, community outreach and partnerships, recruitment, organizing, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and more

@mannybreno @uxdesigncc @SelfDefinedApp Gracias por el apoyo y ayudarnos con el proyecto, Manny! 💙

Manny quickly became our go-to in IT for all Financial Services web projects because of his speed, in-depth business understanding and creative solutions. Manny delivers beyond expectations under seemingly impossible tight timelines again and again. He is the most reliable person I have worked with at Tesla – delivering high quality results with speed.

Manny is an exceptional communicator and he keeps all business partners and developers on the same page with proper expectations. Manny is adaptable and a leader. This combination enables him to effectively navigate his team and business partners through evolving business requirements.

Morgan Chatley, Sr. Manager, New Market Entry at Tesla
Sr. Manager, New Market Entry at Tesla

Latinos at Tesla logo

Partnering and collaborating with Manny as not only a peer and colleague but also as the Executive Vice President of Latinos at Tesla (LAT) to drive inclusion and culture at Tesla has been one of the most rewarding journey's that I have been able to share with him. His creativity, problem solving, data and analytical skills truly played a role as we scaled up this ERG while creating best practices which are now being used by other employee resource groups at Tesla as they amplify and engage employees. Through his achievements we have been able to increase our membership by 346% which has been record breaking!

Manny's ability to think through scenarios and problems analytically has truly influenced the way we have approached ERG's. Not only is the impact within the Latino community but it has also impacted how everything that is being done ties back to the business, the goal and the mission.

One of the many talents that also has been of great value in our leadership team is his ability to elevate our members to be strong leaders through one on one coaching as needed, and constantly being accessible to help others put a plan in place to help drive professional development goals. Through this approach we have seen a lot of internal growth within our members.

Yared Oliveros, Sr. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Partner at Tesla | Global President of Latinos at Tesla | Founder of Because We Can
Sr. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Partner at Tesla | Global President of Latinos at Tesla | Founder of Because We Can

Manny and I have worked together since 2012 on the Web, Release and Configurator areas of Tesla.com.

Manny is one of the most hard-working, dedicated and loyal members of the team who embodies the Tesla spirit more than anyone I know. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty more times than I can count, always delivering on impossibly tight deadlines yet always managing to keep a positive attitude despite the relentless pressure.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Manny, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset who not only could be counted on to always deliver what was asked of him, but who also volunteered for additional responsibilities wherever there was a gap that needed to be filled. It was due to all of this that Manny was promoted from a developer role to leading people and teams where he served as a liaison with the business and worked to plan and lead projects, gather requirements and set schedules.

Victor Barclay, Sr. Software Engineering Manager @ Tesla
Sr. Software Engineering Manager @ Tesla

Anna Zhandarovich, Senior Product Designer, Tesla
Senior Product Designer, Tesla

Manny has been a servant leader for the many years that I’ve known him: kind above all else, thoughtful of his peers and creative in his approach to problem solving. I always enjoyed when our projects tied together, as I knew that if Manny was aboard we would be able to come to elegant and empathetic solutions for all.

I can't recommend Manny highly enough: battle-tested with plenty of humor and heart.

Mikolaj Walczuk, Creative Content at Tesla
Creative Content at Tesla

Manny's leadership has been key to defining the new options platform. Understanding great team work is what drives innovation, efficiency and great products, and he keeps this as one of his top priorities. He makes space and encourages others to ensure all thoughts are considered and discussed.

When there is debate, he moderates ensuring the right decision. In addition to being supportive to his team, he’s equally motivated to identify areas of opportunity and proactively seeks solutions to them.

Chris Griffith, Sr. Manager, Product @ Tesla
Sr. Manager, Product @ Tesla

After knowing Manny professionally for over a year and working closely with him on a high-impact project, I'd vouch for his impact on productivity and morale without thought. He leads effectively and transparently, empowering those involved and keeping everyone on track. Few tasks would be beneath or impossible to him; his intellect and experience come in rare combination with great humility and empathy.

If you want a team member who leads by example, enables others, drives progress and has great LOTR jokes, look to Manny.

Jen Fox, Sr. Project Manager, Tesla
Sr. Project Manager, Tesla

I have had the pleasure of partnering and collaborating with Manny on multiple executive level projects in relation to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives for the Latinos at Tesla employee resource group. He was a pillar of seasoned experience for his Vice President role, always communicated effectively, and was personable with everyone, which made working alongside him enjoyable.

Manny's professionalism and ability to find innovative ways to tackle projects and solve problems made him someone that I could consistently depend on, and a colleague whom I could always lean on for advice and guidance.

Rick Esparza, Sr. Employee Experience Specialist, Tesla
Sr. Employee Experience Specialist, Tesla

Manny has been an excellent engineering partner. His tenacity and constant positivity has had an incredible impact to the product and the team. Manny consistently goes above and beyond the requests made of him. He's dedicated to his work.

I would gladly have Manny on any team that I work on.

Henry Lee, VP of Technology & Guest Experience @ Space Needle | Ex-Tesla
VP of Technology & Guest Experience @ Space Needle | Ex-Tesla

Manny is an exceptional Product Manager & Engineer, tons of the Design System wouldn't be still standing if it weren't for his hard work and dedication through the chaos.

Even among other PM's, Manny's head and shoulders above, and kept more plates in the air with grace and skill than I would have ever thought possible. As an engineer he's as solid as they come, no problem he can't solve, all with his characteristic good humor & deep experience.

Matthew Gross, Sr. Software Engineer (Front End) @ Tesla
Sr. Software Engineer (Front End) @ Tesla

Manny's technical capacity for software development is unquestioned, but what really sets him apart is his empathy and his personal approach to work where he specializes in harvesting a team energy unrivaled in the IT world as far as I'm concerned.

Manny's great at organizing the troops and getting all stakeholders involved in a way that's conducive to great results.

Santiago Cavazos, Software Engineering Manager at Tesla
Software Engineering Manager at Tesla

Manny has always proven to be a competent leader. Always willing to lead the pack from the front and push for the best in himself and others.

Manny is a fantastic developer and person. He always greets you with a smile and a fist-bump. Well-organized and efficient in delegating tasks, he has always impressed me with the amount of work he accomplishes in a given timeframe.

The biggest and most impactful aspect I see in Manny is his attitude towards the environment he finds himself. He always has a smile, regardless of the time of day and even the amount of work that is on his plate.

Ready, willing, and eager to jump in and assist in any situation where he may be of any assistance, Manny is absolutely valuable to this team and company.

Eric Ritchey, Design Systems & People @ Indeed | Ex-Tesla
Design Systems & People @ Indeed | Ex-Tesla

Manny has played a key role in developing financial solution tools for Tesla's online experience, taking requests to turn complex, customizable calculators and credit applications and developing them into simple user-interfaces with the Tesla look and feel.

Manny's extremely efficient with his time and I trusted him as my "go-to" whenever I needed urgent bug fixes or needed advice on developing a new finance tool.

Annie Wechter, Investor Relations | Partnerships | Business Development in Sustainable Tech | ex-Tesla
Investor Relations | Partnerships | Business Development in Sustainable Tech | ex-Tesla

Working with Manny is a pleasure. He has an excellent technical background and excels as a project and product manager. He is a fantastic team player who can take any product to a new level of vision and fulfillment.

Manny engages with people, serves as their voice, brings out the best ideas, and does everything in his ability to ensure the success of his team and project.

Mariia Zv, Software QA Engineering @ Tesla
Software QA Engineering @ Tesla

I've had the pleasure to work with Manny on various projects at Tesla, starting when we first met in Amsterdam when he was here to help establish efficient web processes for the team. Manny's one of the strongest all-round developers and team leads I've worked with. Super organized, strong coach and very helpful.

Manny is the first point of contact for many various topics on our web team. He successfully juggles and delivers a lot of projects and tasks at the same time and never leaves one behind. I have all just positive feedback and strong heartedly believe he would be a huge value and asset to any team.

Nikolajus Krauklis, Software Engineering Manager @ Tesla
Software Engineering Manager @ Tesla

Manny's Next.js scaffold that he created was instrumental in enabling me to build an email builder app for TDS' biweekly newsletter. The scaffold saved me quite a bit of time in my initial app setup, and I had the utmost faith in the quality of the platform my code was based on.

Since the scaffold was so easy to get started with and use, I was able to spin up the app in no time, which meant that I could get back to my other work quickly.

Austin Robinson, Senior UX Designer, Design Systems @ Tesla
Senior UX Designer, Design Systems @ Tesla

It's been an absolute privilege to have worked alongside Manny. In my collaborations with him, his skill and ability to lead and influence others towards achieving the same goal is truly exceptional.

His calm approach to tackling problems establishes the right attitude for all stakeholders involved to deliver the best solution.

With his drive to improve the product, dedication to his team, and excellent communication skills, Manny would not only be an asset to any project but would also be integral to the team's success.

Arnold Song, Senior Technical Product Manager, Ex-Tesla
Senior Technical Product Manager, Ex-Tesla

Manny played a crucial role in onboarding Tesla's energy teams to Next.js.

He is an effective communicator and excels at unblocking individuals and connecting them with the resources needed to solve their problems.

Any organization would be lucky to welcome Manny.

Imanol Avendaño, Software Engineering @ Tesla
Software Engineering @ Tesla

I have worked with Manny many times on international projects. In my experience, always professional and responsive, which is what's required when collaborating over different time zones.

I look forward to working with Manny again in the future.

John Sayers, Product Management and Digital Producer @ Tesla
Product Management and Digital Producer @ Tesla

I've had the pleasure to work with Manny before and after he became a Manager at Tesla.

Manny distinguishes for his outstanding communication skills, his unparalleled work ethic and his always positive attitude in adversity all this on top of being an expert at his craft.

Karla Arianne Reyes, Senior Manager - Cloud Platform
Senior Manager - Cloud Platform

I worked with Manny on the Tesla Web team, where Manny managed the Configurator team. Manny and I worked closely in the localization of all configurators. He's reliable and handles multiple requests in a timely manner. He is an outstanding team player.

Manny always helped me without hesitation when I had difficulties with the system that I was not familiar with. He made himself available long hours and weekends for releases and priority projects. I highly recommend Manny.

Kaoru Miller, Staff Localization Manager @ Tesla
Staff Localization Manager @ Tesla

Manny is very easy to work with, and his penchant for knowledge-sharing has a force-multiplier effect on any group effort he’s involved in. He is clearly passionate about his craft, and can be a positive influence on any software engineering and product team.

Staff Software Engineer at Tesla

Manny is an amazing leader and a dedicated contributor. Manny provided guidance and support immediately when I first started and throughout our time working together.

If I ever needed clarification Manny would find time, no matter how busy he was, and work through any questions I had. He has a calm, level headed and positive personality and a driven nature.

Sair Buckle, CEO and Founder of Overtly; DEI Advocate | Ex-Tesla Product Management
CEO and Founder of Overtly; DEI Advocate | Ex-Tesla Product Management

Manny, we've got a lot of work to do. And there's nothing better than collaborating with people like you.

Meghan Sural Wolf, Environmental Campaigns Manager @ Patagonia N.A.
Environmental Campaigns Manager @ Patagonia N.A.

Thanks to Manny's mastery of logistics and ability to work with others under pressure and against a deadlines, Nevada's first-ever Great Basin Water Tour was a complete success.

Bob Fulkerson, Executive Director, Ex-PLAN
Executive Director, Ex-PLAN
@UNRScience peeps reached out a bit ago asking if some of my urban & nature pics could be used to visually complement some of their stories in this year's issue of Discovery, which highlights the symbiosis between science and optimism-yeah! Excellent issue & stories throughout💯

Past collaborations with the following educational institutions, organizations and small businesses among others:

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