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Celebrating each other. Elevating our voices.

Today, I had the honor and privilege of leading the Hispanic Heritage Month kickoff with Christina, Yared, Lizette, Rick and other leaders from across the company.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 Banner. Hosted by Latinos at Tesla Employee Resource Group

This year's theme is "Celebrating Each Other. Elevating Our Voices."

We want to elevate our voice. That is how we bring light to topics, it's how we drive change for ourselves and help other people.

Christina Gonzalez, Director, Talent Acquisition EMEA @ Tesla | LAT Executive Sponsor
Director, Talent Acquisition EMEA @ Tesla | LAT Executive Sponsor

One of our aims during the next four weeks, is to highlight the numerous Tesla employees who are also LAT members that are making a positive impact on our mission, people, and workplace, as well as celebrating our roots and culture, and showing how we make the impossible possible at Tesla and everywhere else.

Excited for what's ahead! For now, I'll end with this prompt from our illustrious executive sponsor, Christina Gonzalez:

Thank you Yared Oliveros, Manny Becerra, Rick Esparza for all the work you do to move our community forward.

Lizette Bayardo, PsyD, Sr. Talent Management Leader | Global Programs | Tesla
Sr. Talent Management Leader | Global Programs | Tesla

If you're interested in joining LAT or exploring ERG/DEI partnerships, please feel free to reach out - I'd love to chat. If you're a fellow colleague, you can also visit our internal website at ts.la/lat for more information, including our upcoming events we have planned for Hispanic Heritage Month and the remainder of the year.

¡Adelante y Juntos Podemos! ✊🏽

The People in your community make it all worthwhile and make it all possible.

Manny Becerra, People & Product Engineering Leader
People & Product Engineering Leader