About this Page

Everyone benefits from designing for inclusion.

I'm a big proponent of accessible, inclusive and people centered design, not just with the digital products and user experiences I have the opportunity to work on and help create, but in my daily life.

"There is no better way to understand the importance of accessibility and inclusive design than learning from actual users with disabilities."

As technologists, I believe it's our social responsibility to know how our beliefs can either contribute to oppressive Systems or help dismantle them.

Through our work, we can either maintain the status quo or redesign justice for everyone. We can either create more access to education and mentorship, including health and economic resources for everyone, particularly historically marginalized communities or maintain barriers.

In my quest to learn more about and practice inclusive design, accessibility and ethics over the years, I've found the following people and resources helpful. While this isn't a complete list, I hope you find it useful.

Many people may consider accessibility in your products to be a luxury; I view access to information and technology, however, as a fundamental right.