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This was a fun, creative and challenging design and product engineering project. The team knocked it out of the park.

Last night, the Model 3 was unveiled.

Tune in for the 3/31 unveiling on #Model3

In addition to being relieved and excited at this milestone, I am grateful to be part of a small, dedicated team at Tesla that has led the effort on the front lines of digital product engineering and design; the team created an end-to-end (E2E) solution that allows customers to reserve the Model 3 both online and in our retail stores.

Lines are moving! #Model3

Besides being enjoyable, creative and challenging, the project was also an incredible opportunity for my team and cross-functional co-workers to further refine our interdependent collaboration.

Longest line EVER #Model3

The work we're doing at Tesla to accelerate sustainable energy transition is one of the ways we're fighting climate change's negative impacts. I'm glad to be part of it. I'm proud of everyone on the team, cross-functional colleagues across the company and supporters across this beautiful planet. ️ ️⚡️✨🌎🙌🏽

One more for the books.


Manny always greets you with a smile and a fist-bump. Well-organized and efficient in delegating tasks, he has always impressed me with the amount of work he accomplishes in a given timeframe.

Eric Ritchey, Design Systems & People @ Indeed | Ex-Tesla
Design Systems & People @ Indeed | Ex-Tesla