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Matt and I presented Next.js at our Frontend Meetup Series.

Yesterday, Matt and I had the opportunity to tag team on giving a presentation to the Tesla Frontend Community on Next.js.

There were some folks in attendance that had heard of Next.js, but weren't all too familiar with it. And others, who had never heard of it before our presentation yesterday. For anyone who isn't familiar with Next.js, it's dubbed by Vercel as the React Framework for Production. I feel that it definitely lives up to this statement and it's so much more than that too... in a good way. 🤓

As part of our presentation, we wanted to show how easy it is to get started with Next.js, and with the context of building something of value at work, so we showcased our in-house scaffold (or starterkit), which folks can use to get started with their own Tesla projects. The scaffold comes pre-setup with some Tesla-specific configurations and features, including our Tesla Design System. 🤩

For instance, once someone or a team clones the scaffold, starting a new project with Next.js is as easy as running the following command :

# Run Next.js in development mode npm run dev # or yarn dev # Visit http://localhost:3000 to experience the app w/the Tesla Design System

Overall, we had a great turnout and a lot of great questions and conversation. We definitely felt it was a good topic to have covered for our Frontend Meetup Series and I'm personally looking forward to follow-up presentations, including collaborating with the community on what they build next (ba dum tss). 🚀