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Crafting safe, accessible and inclusive products that uplift lives ✨

Every person involved in the product development process needs to understand how their products undoubtedly reinforce and create norms, both directly and indirectly. Because of this, it's critical to consider, and possibly question, our biases and assumptions throughout the entire design process, including societal power dynamics at-play.

Taking this approach β€” where we radically critique our motivations, goals, understandings and biases β€” can help us, as technologists and teams, strive to build better products that are accessible, safe and inclusive.

Understanding great team work is what drives innovation, efficiency and great products, and Manny keeps this as one of his top priorities. He makes space and encourages others to ensure all thoughts are considered and discussed.

Chris Griffith, Sr. Manager, Product @ Tesla
Sr. Manager, Product @ Tesla