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The People in your community make it all worthwhile and make it all possible.

If you have a product idea, and the multidisciplinary engineering resources and skills, don't forget about the people: without them, and a culture that prioritizes diversity, safety, well-being and a sense of belonging in the workplace (both in-person and virtual), your product and vision can easily never make it past the ideation phase — or it can come to a screeching halt later on during a critical point for the company.

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At Tesla—and for anyone who has been with the company from one day to ten plus years unequivocally knows—we focus relentlessly on innovation and collaboration and challenge the status quo.

Manny delivers beyond expectations under seemingly impossible tight timelines again and again. He is the most reliable person I have worked with at Tesla – delivering high quality results with speed.

Morgan Chatley, Sr. Manager, New Market Entry at Tesla
Morgan Chatley
Sr. Manager, New Market Entry at Tesla

Whether it's the digital products we create that connect a global audience to our mission's milestones each quarter, or it's the robotics that assist in assembling various components of the vehicle and energy products, or it's the processes used to work together, or it's the actual products themselves, like a Model 3 or Powerwall, including the technology behind them, we push and refine to help make sustainable living a reality. Of course, we hit snags along the way but embrace a growth mindset to learn from our failures and reduce the number of mistakes we make each day. In other words, we’re not afraid to try the unexpected, to pursue the unknown and to keep trying until we’re collectively successful. This is in-large part because we start from a place of trust and respect with one another and create a space to learn from our trials. And, we aim to do what makes sense.

The People in your community make it all worthwhile and make it all possible.

Manny Becerra, People & Product Engineering Leader
Manny Becerra
People & Product Engineering Leader

We accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Our mission is a collective mission shared by the thousands of diverse teammates throughout the company worldwide. There may be individual dreams at Tesla, but these overlap the collective shared mission, as each of us has a unique journey, and a unique set of life experiences that drive us to advance sustainable living for everyone, especially during those periods that, as someone once put it, can resemble “production hell”, no less amidst a global pandemic.

Partnering and collaborating with Manny as not only a peer and colleague but also as the Executive Global Vice President of Latinos at Tesla to drive inclusion and culture at Tesla has been one of the most rewarding journey's that I have been able to share with him.

Yared Oliveros, Sr. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Partner at Tesla | Global President of Latinos at Tesla | Founder of Because We Can
Yared Oliveros
Sr. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Partner at Tesla | Global President of Latinos at Tesla | Founder of Because We Can

It’s this diversity in people and their lived experiences, perspectives, ideas, culture and journeys that I’m particularly proud to work with, day-in and day-out. I'm proud to work with those who collectively organize, advocate for and foster a genuine sense of community, belonging and sustainable growth, which helps us, individually and as a team, to advance the Tesla mission. It is this equitable belonging we intentionally aim to create that helps us make progress and persevere through the difficult times.

We've come a long way, and I am excited about what's ahead, both in the near and distant future. We will continue to make progress and advance sustainable living as long as we prioritize and respect the people in the community (within Tesla and at-large). Brace yourselves!

If you're interested in joining us and the journey of advancing sustainable living for everyone, check out our careers site and submit your application! Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn if you have any questions or want to connect.

Manny is one of the most hard-working, dedicated and loyal members of the team who embodies the Tesla spirit more than anyone I know. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty more times than I can count.

Victor Barclay, Sr. Software Engineering Manager @ Tesla
Victor Barclay
Sr. Software Engineering Manager @ Tesla