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The Tesla Design System (TDS), supports multidisciplinary teams at Tesla to innovate, deliver and shine at-scale.

I am honored to work with a team of exceptionally talented and passionate people at Tesla, both at-large and amongst the Tesla Design System (TDS) crew. TDS is a small but mighty team that helps other teams succeed as they drive digital experiences that affect tens of thousands, if not millions, of people every day. This powerhouse of seven engineers and designers — who are distributed throughout the West and Southwest— is part of a larger team made up of equally talented, diverse and passionate people who have become friends and extended family to all of us.

Tesla Design System (TDS)

While browsing tesla.com, or ordering one of our energy or vehicle products, you have experienced what we all call the Tesla Design System. Also known as TDS.

Stinkin proud of the team for making the new Model S/X Design Studio for reaching 100% on the Accessibility score in Google Lighthouse! Bunch of stellar engineers working hard to make things right!

The core members of TDS may be physically hundreds of miles away from one another, but they are collaboratively energized. They have developed a camaraderie that exceeds expectations and propels their collective will to do far more for the Tesla mission, at-scale, than might currently be understood by people who have never worked with them before. We would be at a loss and have a dramatically lesser impact if these dedicated individuals were not on the team. I can say the same about my other colleagues-and I will in due time-but today, I want to salute Team TDS.

Eric, Ali, Matt, John, Mariia, Austin, Jen, Janice, including past interns — thank you for what you do, wherever you are every day. Your daily contributions and leadership are invaluable, and I’m looking forward to working alongside you on the continued AWSM journey ahead. #DreamTeam

Manny has always proven to be a competent leader. He's well-organized and efficient in delegating tasks and has always impressed me with the amount of work he accomplishes in a given timeframe.

Eric Ritchey, Design Systems & People @ Indeed | Ex-Tesla
Design Systems & People @ Indeed | Ex-Tesla

PS - I'll be working on a follow-up post later this quarter that highlights more of the impact of TDS on the Tesla mission. Stay tuned!