About this Post

The future is bright.

Recently, I had the honor of speaking with a group of young, talented women of color. STEAM careers were a big interest and motivation for these students.

I believe in making a better and more equitable world for all by helping create more access opportunities to education.

Soon after the talk, I got an unexpected collage from these students thanking me for coming. I got to hear more about their cool summer projects from them as well as their questions.

Student collage

I'm just as grateful for the opportunity to connect with these incredible, young people: they're absolutely crushing it!

I'm inspired by what the future holds. Individuals like these smart, motivated, thoughtful, and curious youth deserve unwavering support and belief in pursuing their dreams.

To the students: thanks for having me the other day, and here's to a prosperous future for you! 🙌🏽🔥

Speaking requests are welcome, in or out of the classroom, especially on topics such as education, STEAM, inclusive design, community, workplace culture, and team dynamics. If you're interested in working together, let's connect.