About this Post

Focusing on community and sustainable solutions with others who share values, purpose and a common Northstar.

After nearly eight years in higher education in the Web development, creative, design and academic-instruction spaces, I'm now working full-time as an entrepreneur.

Up or north pointing metal arrow that is a part of a custom steel sign for my company: PACE (Peace. Action. Community. Equity & Expression.). Designed and made in collaboration with my friend John Jesse.

In my new endeavor, I will focus on collaborating with small businesses, independents, and others who aspire to cultivate community and sustainable solutions that work for everyone. I believe that people crave belonging and a meaningful connection with those around them, which is why I want to focus my work and energy in this more intentional way. This belief and motivation, in large part, comes from my lived experiences as a first-generation Mexican-American.

I've named my entrepreneurial venture "PACE", which stands for Peace, Action, Community, and both, Equity, and Expression. My "little shop that can" will be located at 720 Tahoe St., where I've also created an art gallery and community space for and with other Reno creatives to collaborate with one another.

Combined with my interest and passion for creativity and code, I intend to leverage technology to create digital and offline solutions, such as websites, products, apps, inclusive workspaces, etc. In addition, I will work to steer policy toward sustainability and inclusion as I believe technology is not neutral. To help accomplish this, I will support people who champion equitable solutions, both locally and with whom I can collaborate.

Flower in the atrium at 720 Tahoe Street where my company, PACE, is located and where I'm working to create a community space and art gallery for and with other creatives in the Reno area

In our society, some form of revenue stream is necessary, but when push comes to shove, I don't think profit should be the expense of people's lives. There's a balance to be struck between profit and purpose, and I believe that we can do better as a society to create more inclusive communities. I want to be a part of that change and help others do the same.

I believe cultivating an inclusive community is a core pillar of how any business and interaction is conducted, no matter if you're a sole proprietor, non-profit or a for-profit company. Through inclusive practices, we can also help others who have historically been marginalized reach their full potential as human beings, which is beneficial for all.

I appreciate you joining me, even if you just read my posts like this one. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to collaborate or just share ideas.