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Inclusion and diversity in all industries and workplace environments are long overdue.

I had the great opportunity to meet with presidential candidate, Julián Castro, the other day in Reno. I really like him, his story, and his proposed policies.

Julian Castro for President banner signed by the Secretary himself

Castro's People First policy agenda is spot-on with what we need to move the country forward in making impactful change for everyone, and making comprehensive reform to the Institutions, which are in dire need of systematic reform.

I believe it is long overdue that our elected officials reflect the direct experiences, views, and paths of those they represent across the spectrum, not just that of the homogeneous power structure; because of this, I'm extremely excited to see more women and people of color in leadership positions and elected offices, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Julián Castro, Ilhan Omar and others. #RepresentationMatters.

Representation matters. Little girls everywhere are watching, from the Bronx and beyond. Thank you to @TheRealDaytime for highlighting @AyannaPressley, @IlhanMN, @RashidaTlaib & myself this week. 💜⬇️

The same goes for increasing and diversifying representation in all industries and workplace environments across society.

Congresswoman AOC and the other, newly elected Black, Indigenous, and POC leaders in Washington, and at the local level throughout our nation, are b@d@ss: they are fighting for and making real change happen for the People. 🙌🏽

Hey y'all. I wanted to make sure our friends in the Reno, NV area knew we'd be in town today at 3:30pm! Join #TeamJulián and the @WashoeDEMS for a meet and greet ⏩

Onward ✊🏽

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