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Tesla's Frontend Meetup Series was proud to host Kent C. Dodds to talk about Remix, a framework for building better websites.

In our latest installment of the Tesla Frontend Meetup Series, we were joined by Kent C. Dodds, a software engineer, educator, author, speaker... an all-around awesome person.

Kent spent an hour with us talking about Remix, an open source, React framework for building better websites. He shared his experience with Remix, how it works, and how it can help us — and you! — build "slick and resilient user experiences".

Remix, though relatively young, is already a favorite amongst developers, just check out the State of Frontend 2022 Survey.

Remix is a full stack web framework that lets you focus on the user interface and work back through web standards to deliver a fast. Slick, and resilient user experience. People are gonna love using vour stuff

There are many frameworks available for building websites. Why Remix? Why not Next.js? Why not Gatsby? Why not SvelteKit? Why not VuePress? Why not...?

Here's a blog post doing a comparison of Remix vs Next.js, by Ryan Florence, co-founder of Remix. Take Remix for a spin and decide for yourself. In addition to being great for developers, Kent, Ryan, and the rest of the Remix team have built a framework that is designed with Web standards and accessibility in mind.

Literally the *only* reason we made the Next vs Remix post is explained at the top of the post (followed by us gushing over how great we think the team over at Vercel is). We didn't want to talk about Next.js, but everyone asked about it.

Whatever you decide, I think it's great that we have some solid options to choose from. The Remix, Next.js and other OSS teams are raising the bar and facilitating the creation of faster and more accessible-friendly websites — and I'm all for that.

I'm personally looking forward to exploring Remix more in the future, perhaps even creating and offering a Remix starter template to the Tesla developer community alongside the Next.js template I already help maintain.

It was great to hang out with you and hear more about Remix, Kent - we hope you enjoyed the meetup as much as we did! 🙌🏽

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