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Salute to open source software contributors and maintainers.

Even though Tesla builds a lot of its own solutions, we'd be less effective without open source. I am very grateful to all the open source contributors and maintainers who, knowingly or unknowingly, support our mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy around the world.

Special shoutout to the following projects and teams who've been open to collaborating with us through our frontend meetups series in the past year:

Unbeknownst to them perhaps, our team and I also rely on these resources and individuals who regularly share their knowledge with the online community:

This isn't an exhaustive list (I'm sure I'm missing a lot of people and projects), but I hope you find their work and knowledge useful as we have.

Thanks y'all! 🙏

Accelerating the world toward sustainable energy has many players and communities behind the scenes. One of those being the collective open source ecosystem. OSS peeps across the globe: thank you for doing what you do to propel innovation and collaboration 💚