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It's never a dull moment wrangling 1s, 0s and pixels at Tesla.

I recently had the great opportunity and privilege of helping my colleagues at Tesla create the customer-facing digital experience for the recent Model S Battery Swap Event.

I had a blast leading up to the event and the night of; there's never a dull moment when you're wrangling 1s, 0s, and pixels at Tesla. Working on this project was fun, cross-functional, fast, and creative.

Swapping will take 90secs. You'll never get out of your car. Return the pack on your journey back or keep it & we'll bill you the difference — @Tesla

Model S Battery Swap demonstration last night at our Hawthorne design studio: http://t.co/2g9X8PrLBy

Battery Swap is one of several things at Tesla we have in store for making a cross-country trek a reality in the near future! Being able to contribute to Tesla's mission of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy is something I'm particularly proud of and enthusiastic about.

Manny's ability to motivate and lead others toward a common goal on short, sometimes seemingly impossible deadlines has truly made the difference at Tesla.

Mike Burrell, Jr., Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Dovly | Ex-Tesla
Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Dovly | Ex-Tesla