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When Social Platform Life Happens, Don't Fret, Adapt w/Open Source 🀠

I've been using Vercel's dynamic Open Graph Image Generation pretty much since they rolled it out β€”Β and I love it. It's a great way to dynamically generate images for your website and get creative with it (I use it for this very website you're on right now).

So when the news broke that Twitter/X was proposing/planning to change the way they display external links posted on the platform (i.e., removing headlines from links to news articles), I wasn't really bumped. One of the first things that came to mind was, "I wonder if I can use Vercel's dynamic Open Graph Image Generation to solve this problem?"

The answer is, "Yes, yes I can." 😎

An Example Dynamically Generated Image

Fig.1 - An Example of a Dynamically Generated Image. Further details at og-ftw.vercel.app.

It may not be the single best solution, but it's a solution that works for me and I think may be useful for others.

Visit og-ftw.vercel.app to learn more and check out more dynamically generated image demos.

Special shout out to @rauchg and the @vercel crew, including the wider open source community for making this possible with their awesome work.