About this Post

An excellent opportunity to foster collaboration between the University and the community at-large in Northern Nevada.

Recently, Tim Healion, Chief Community and Brand Officer at Laughing Planet (LP), asked me to join his Community Engagement, Outreach and Marketing Team.

As part of the advisory role, I'd help in a variety of ways, like:

  • Providing guidance and mentorship to University of Nevada-Reno journalism and media students, including some LP staff, on digital product, community outreach and engagement
  • Help strengthen the group's vision, purpose and reach in Northern Nevada by providing general entrepreneurial and business advice.

This is not only a great group to be a part of and aligns with my values, but it's also a great way to cultivate collaboration between the University and other higher education institutions in Northern Nevada.

Humankind. Be Both.

Here are some things the group has accomplished since the original post (☝🏽) was published. We now have:

  • Clearer, more concrete, yet flexible pillars to guide decisions. The three (3) pillars are sustainability, community and health.
    • We work on sustainability to keep the Earth in shape, community to make the Earth a better place, and health and wellness to keep this wonderful planet, with all of its vibrant life, healthy!
  • Clearly defined roles and expectations for creating effective, ongoing, and inclusive multimedia content that reflects LP's day-to-day story.
    • Mindfulness and inclusivity are central to the pillars, as without them, the group cannot thrive
  • A regular PSA schedule and media distribution process that includes traditional media outlets as well as grassroots, community-led initiatives
  • A local education and partnership program in which the group identifies a local organization, quarterly, to help raise funds for and promote its work. The first partnership is with Urban Roots Garden Classrooms
  • The University of Nevada-Reno Core Humanities staff and leadership partnered with us through our Laughing Planet University location to conduct the "Thought on Tap" lecture series program every month. (Note: May 9th is the last panel for the spring semester).
  • In partnership with staff and students from the University music department, and community individuals and organizations, we promoted and hosted Jazz Night. There is significant momentum for Jazz Night to become an official community jazz club
  • Additional leadership at the company has supported building out this initiative in anticipation of creating a company-wide outreach program that other Laughing Planet stores can follow in the footsteps of Reno.

If you're a college student in the Northern Nevada community and would like to be an intern with the group, please contact me. I'd be happy to get to know you and see how we can get you involved.