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Spent some time contributing to Vercel and Next.js 12.1 docs.

I'm a big fan of Vercel and Next.js, as well as the people behind them (going back to their earlier years). Since I'm also a maintainer of the Tesla Next.js scaffold — a starter kit of the sorts to help teams easily bootstrap their web apps with our Tesla Design System — I thought I'd review and attempt to contribute to Vercel's latest docs, based on some inclusive naming conventions we're advocating for here at Tesla.

Next.js 12.1: ◆ On-demand Incremental Static Regeneration ◆ SWC support for styled-components, Relay, and more ◆ Zero-configuration Jest support ◆ ~80% smaller Docker images when self-hosting ◆ Next.js Developer Survey

Along with wrangling pixels and code at Tesla, I'm on the Tesla Naming Conventions working group. Starting with systems, code and the like, this working group works toward helping standardize naming across the company to be more inclusive. I'm also an active member and leader of the Tesla JavaScript working group, which aims at standardizing JavaScript (and other) solutions, at-scale, to teams across the company.

Manny's Next.js scaffold that he created was instrumental in enabling me to build an email builder app for TDS' biweekly newsletter.

Austin Robinson, Senior UX Designer, Design Systems @ Tesla
Senior UX Designer, Design Systems @ Tesla

In short, the contributor process was easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I read through the Vercel and Next.js websites, and found a few things that could be improved. I made PRs here and here, and they were merged after a relatively quick review by the maintainers. The changes eventually made their way into the Next.js 12.1 release.

While I was at it, I also made a PR to the SWR docs. Similarly, it was reviewed, approved and merged relatively quickly.

Bottomline: the Vercel crew is awesome. I'm glad I could contribute to their docs even if in a small way. I'm also happy the experience of contributing was so easy and welcoming by the team. I'm looking forward to contributing more in the future.