Blog: End-to-End Digital Experiences that Propel a Vision

Manny Becerra as a child

October 2014

I enjoy creating user-friendly digital experiences on the Web, especially those that align and transcend with a meaningful purpose in real life, particularly a purpose that has the ability to create a shift in culture. This is the case for me and my teammates at Tesla where we help build out and steward the experiences for a global audience on, particularly, with what we call the Design Studio (aka: Configurator).

The Configurator is our flagship product that I'm fortunate and grateful to play lead experience engineer on. The Configurator is effectively the one way in which the majority of all Tesla cars, like the Model S, begin their lifecycle.

Tesla Showroom in Amsterdam, Netherlands, European Union. Circa 2014.

Meaning, whether it's a show or marketing vehicle, an engineering prototype, or an actual user vehicle, the car itself was likely configured using the Configurator. Once the user finalizes their Model S configuration, for example, they are taken through the buy flow, which eventually takes the vehicle configuration down the build pipeline coming across multiple, critical touch points from sales and financing to vehicle manufacturing, eventually, to vehicle delivery. It's quite the amazing end-to-end product that propels the company's vision; it's also an incredible responsibility that I and my teammates take very seriously, including the localization effort that goes into it. We localize the Configurator for 20+ markets (and growing) around the Globe taking into account cultural norms and language in order to be as respectful and inclusive as possible to our users beyond the USofA. The one codebase is also used for creating a similar user experience in both the Web and on touchscreens found worldwide at Tesla's showrooms. Cool, huh?!

Tesla Showroom @ Santana Row, San Jose, California. Circa 2013.
Tesla Model S Design Studio Kiosk in a showroom. Circa 2014.

The most recent updates we introduced to the Configurator were in support of Elon's announcement for Dual Motor and Autopilot. Man, was that a challenging, yet memorable and exciting sprint. We have plans to re-architect the current Configurator solution to further scale and meet our needs for future plans ahead of us. If building a world-changing, digital product, like the Configurator, with an inclusive team excites you, lemme know - we're hiring!


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