Blog: Guest Speaker - STEAM and Educational Pathways

Manny Becerra as a child

August 2018

I recently had the honor of being asked to speak with a group of incredible young students, predominantly young ladies of color with a strong interest and motivation in STEAM careers.

Shortly after the day of the talk, I received an unexpected and surprising collage from these students thanking me for coming to speak with them, taking their questions, and, in addition, they provided me with more background on their cool summer projects.

Student collage

I am incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity to connect with these students. I am also inspired by what the future holds for us, collectively, when individuals like these smart, motivated, thoughtful and curious youth are supported and believed in to pursue their aspirations. So, students: thank YOU for having me the other day and here's to a prosperous future to you all! 🙌🏽

I welcome requests for future speaking engagements, in- or out- side of the classroom, particularly on the topics of education, STEAM, inclusive design and technology, marketing, team dynamics and leadership. Please connect with me if you are interested in future work together.


I have a passion and successful track-record for creating usable, online, experiences with a focus on and deep appreciation for web standards, modularity, education, accessibility, and inclusion. I build and lead happy, productive and empathetic cross-functional teams within a continuous learning culture. I am a speaker, advisor, community builder and advocate. Learn more.