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Blog: Reception - Reno: A Fabled City Find Its Soul

Manny Becerra as a child

November 2015

Later this month, on, Saturday, Nov. 21st starting at 3pm, Mark Curtis is having a reception and book signing to celebrate his new book, Reno: A Fabled City Find Its Soul. My photography is included in this book. 📸

"This book could well pass as a history of the city of Reno, but that is not its intent. It’s a history, as author Mark Curtis regularly reminds us, of the two Renos. From that perspective, the 'soul' in the title is a serious consideration. The two Renos present themselves in various ways over time: the livable city with the Truckee River running through its center and the tourist town is one example. The critical role of gaming and the city’s cultural importance awaiting discovery 'just beneath the surface' is another" — Joe Crowley, 13th and former president of the University of Nevada, Reno

The book tells the story of how Reno has evolved from the gambling, divorce, neon city the world has known all too well... into the geographically spectacular, culturally diverse, recreation, entrepreneur-business mecca it is becoming today.

The free event will be held at Sundance Bookstore located at 121 California St., Reno, NV from 3 to 4:30-ish p.m.


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