Blog: Cuddleworks, Bootleg Courier y Mas!

Manny Becerra as a child

January 2013

My friends, Tim Conder and Chad Strand, co-owners of Bootleg Courier, have an exciting, creative venture brewing with other friends located off of the Ol' Lincoln Highway (4th St.) in Reno dubbed, Cuddleworks.

Entrance to Cuddleworks and Bootleg Courier's Facility on 4th St., Reno, NV

When I recenty visited, Tim and Chad, as they asked me for some Web consultation for their for both Cuddleworks and Bootlege Courier, I got treated to an upclose tour of their artist residency program within their industrial warehouse, which includes an up-and-coming coffee business: Magpie Coffee.

If you're looking to purchase art from local talent, or are an artist yourself wanting to get involved in the local scene with other creatives, you should definitely check out Cuddleworks; they're located next to the Bike Project off of 4th St. (not far from the Valley Road intersection). Tim, Chad and everyone involved are crushin' it.

Learn more about Cuddleworks, including their artists and residency program, by visiting their Web site.


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