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Blog: Code2040: Dismantling Structural Barriers

Manny Becerra as a child

August 2020

This year, I'll be a part of the Code2040 family in helping conduct interviews for their 2021 Fellows Program. I'm really excited about this opportunity. Code2040's mission is to activate, connect, and mobilize the largest racial equity community in tech to dismantle the structural barriers that prevent the full participation and leadership of Black and Latinx people in the innovation economy.

Black and Latinx people are currently being excluded from the innovation economy at alarming rates.

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Code2040's vision is the equitable distribution of power in an economy shaped by the digital revolution. I've shared before that tech isn't neutral and it is political; further, tech and products that perpetuate inequality, inequity, and oppression are by design, by those in power.

Being shut out of tech means being shut out of the new rules of power, which has negative consequences on Black, Latinx, Indigenous and other underrepresented communities, including the tech industry and the country as-a-whole.

By increasing the representation of Black, Latinx, Indigenous and other marginalized groups in tech, including leadership roles, we can begin to move toward a more just and equitable society, especially with tech increasingly being so intertwined with everyday life.

Visit out Code2040's website to learn more.

Living in and through COVID-19, we'll be conducting interviews for the 2021 Fellows Program remotely.


Manny Becerra as a child

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