Blog: Building Bridges - Tesla Gigafactory 1, STEM and Northern Nevada

Manny Becerra as a child

February 2017

While we have been laser-focused on building "The Machine that Builds the Machine" in the Great Basin Desert (East of Sparks and Reno, Nevada) since day 1, during the past few months, we've also been cultivating educational, workforce development and outreach efforts with educational institutions, organizations and individuals in the surrounding communities: both urban and rural.

Miniature model of the Tesla Gigafactory 1
Guest students at Tesla Gigafactory 1

One of the main intentions driving our efforts is to fulfill our educational and workforce commitment(s) to Nevada's diverse communities in parallel with Tesla's vision. We're taking a strategic, interdependent and collaborative approach in frontloading some of the needed preparation for getting individuals in the Nevada communities well-prepared for career pathways in STEM, including incredible opportunities at Tesla Gigafactory 1 and, in general, for careers of the future.

Looking outside toward construction work from within the Tesla Gigafactory 1
Students looking at a Tesla Model S P90D during a STEM fair in Nevada
Signage for an Advanced Manufacturing Lab in Reno/Sparks Nevada

At this time, I cannot go into further details, however, I can state that not only has this been another rewarding opportunity for me to be a part of at Tesla, as it digs further into the educational and community oriented passion and drive within me, in concert to the product, software engineering and leadership work I am grateful and passionate about already doing, but this educational and outreach work is bound to be beneficial not just for Tesla but the wide array of talented and diverse people of Nevada.

Toward the blue desert sky at Tesla Gigafactory 1
Wild horses outside of Tesla Gigafactory 1



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