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Blog: In Support of Julián Castro for President: People First

Manny Becerra as a child

August 2019

Updated Sept. 1st, 2019

Since first meeting Julián Castro at a meet-and-greet earlier this year, I've been inspired and fully engaged with his campaign's effort in my home state of Nevada. What he stands and fights for, including his family's story and life journey, resonates with me.


Castro leads with both executive experience — being the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the Obama Administration — and personal experience that is relatable to me, my family, friends, neighbors, and many people across the United States of America — immigrant roots with the drive and heart to prosper while supporting and empowering other people along the way; particularly, centering marginalized communities and lifting up their voices.


As president, I will partner with Indigenous communities for a fairer and more prosperous future. — Julián Castro

What's more, Castro has made it clear, from the first two presidential debates and various town hall events, that he leads with empathy, compassion and common sense, invaluable soft skills non-existent under 45's leadership and administration.

Julián Castro staff and volunteers marching together at Reno Pride, July 2019
Julián Castro staff talking with civil rights advocates at Reno Pride, July 2019

The United States is a diverse country, from race, (non)gender identification, cultural backgrounds to general and grandiose ideas and everything in-between, and Julián Castro not only understands this, but clearly embraces and values this diversity.

Debemos elegir a las personas primero. — Julián Castro

Castro's comprehensive and evolving People and Planet First policy platform makes this clearly evident. Whether the issue relates to policing, affordable housing, lead/water, Indigenous justice, disarming hate, accessible education pathways, immigration, environmental and climate justice, protecting animals and wildlife, and other serious issues facing communities across the US, Castro has an extensive, viable and comprehensive plan to address the issues.

I believe that we can do better at advancing animal welfare and protecting endangered species from extinction. — Julián Castro


Castro, has leadership experience, and a presidential vision of and for the United States that helps society break free from the historical oppressive shackles placed on women, people of color, transgender individuals—anyone seemingly "different" from the homogenous power structure—and empowers everyone, from all backgrounds and life paths, with the dignity and natural rights all people are inherently born with. Leadership and a vision that will ensure all people can prosper through a comprehensive, people first policy platform that helps us, collectively, preserve the one home we all know and love: Earth, including its rich, diverse wildlife.

Castro has said that his first executive order as president would be to recommit the U.S. to the Paris climate agreement

Castro as President of the United States in 2020 can bring down harmful walls and replace them with hospitable bridges within our borders and across the globe — helping create a world where my daughter, and everyone's child, grandchild, niece, nephew and everyone in-between can thrive in.

I am glad and proud to fully support, caucus for, and endorse presidential hopeful, Julián Castro, for President of the United States. My support also extends to Castro's incredibly talented, diverse, kind and passionate staff. Castro and team are the real deal. ✊🏽✨#TeamJulián#Castro2020#NevadansFirst#FITW
Julián Castro staff member, Kristian, in front of the Reno Arch at Reno Pride, July 2019
Disarming Hate, Julián Castro's People First Plan to Disarm Hate
Julián Castro staff and volunteers at Reno Pride, July 2019

We see kids. We see parents. We see people. We see people first. Because we are people first. And it’s time for an immigration policy that puts people first. — Julián Castro


If you would like to learn more about Julián Castro and his all-inclusive vision for America — one where dreams become real for everyone: you, your family, friends, and neighbors — I invite you to: sign-up for his newsletter to stay informed on the latest policy updates, get involved in an upcoming event in your community, or if you're in or near Northern Nevada, feel free to reach out to me and we can chat over a cup of coffee ☕️ or tea 🍵. Also, one of the cool things available to people interested in volunteering with #TeamJulián is the opportunity to do so in-person, virtually, or both!

I don't support arming teachers. I don't think that, that's the answer for our country. I think that'll make things worse not better. - Julián Castro on disarming hate and people first education



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Manny Becerra as a child

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