About Me: Product & User Experiences

I have a passion and successful track-record for creating usable, online, experiences with a focus on and deep appreciation for web standards, modularity, accessibility, and inclusion.

I have a reputation with coworkers of being team-oriented, reliable and a reflective, hands-on leader: knowing how much and when to get involved in on a tactical matter, and when to defer judgment, trust and leadership to others on the ground. I consciously practice a servant leadership style.

My jam is to approach any project and product, small-or-large, with clear intention, extensibility, and sustainability.

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I have been fortunate enough to grow into leadership positions where I recruited, on-boarded, led, coached and mentored happy, productive development and design teams made up of individuals of diverse backgrounds.


Too often, individuals and teams build brand and product design (UI/X) in isolation of each other; however, they are inseparably connected. Our work and practices in tech are also inseparably tied to the lives of the people that use our products, both directly and indirectly, which presses the importance of inclusive design. By extension, I make a conscious effort to surround myself, professionally and personally, with people that also see and value this interconnectedness between our work and society.

Teams and products that weave-in EQ into the fold, even better; actually, a must in my books.


"with time, things turn into a mess"

That's right, as the second law of thermodynamics underscores, things get messy over time, however, that's no reason to throw in the towel; if anything, it's more the reason to explore different, sustainable ways to conduct our work. Whether I'm designing and coding full-time on a project, or leading a team in a more high-level capacity, or a combination of both, my team and I leverage design systems as a part of the product creation and tooling process. When it makes sense, I create my own. Design systems make our work and output not only more ideal, they optimize collaboration with cross-functional teams and helps bring great ideas and high-quality products to life faster than otherwise.

Takeaway: Projects can get messy; especially, in the ever-changing tech world. Learn about and leverage design systems to help bring order-to-chaos and assist with scaling your projects with quality, consistency and confidence.

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I'm a big fan of Jina Anne, Diana Mounter, Rachel Andrew, Jeffrey Zeldman, Jen Simmons, and others' work in the area of systems, design, standards, A11Y, and CSS. I would strongly recommend checking out all of their evolving work and advocacy in their respective areas of focus on making web experiences better and more enjoyable for us all.

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