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About Me: What Others Have to Say

Manny Becerra as a child

Manny has been an excellent engineering partner. His tenacity and constant positivity has had an incredible impact to the product and the team. Manny consistently goes above and beyond the requests made of him. He's dedicated to his work. I would gladly have him on any team that I work on. — Henry Lee, Online Experience @ Tesla; VP of Technology @ Space Needle

Manny has played a key role in developing financial solution tools for Tesla's online experience over the last year, taking requests to turn complex, customizable calculators and credit applications and developing them into simple user-interfaces with the Tesla look and feel. He is extremely efficient with his time and I trusted him as my "go-to" whenever I needed advice on developing a new finance tool. — Annie Wechter, Sr. Partner Manager, Financial Services of North America @ Tesla

Manny is the hardest worker I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my professional career. His technical capacity for software development is unquestioned, but what really sets him apart is his empathy and his personal approach to work where he specializes in harvesting a team energy unrivaled in the IT world as far as i'm concerned. He is great at organizing the troops and getting all stakeholders involved in a way that's conducive to great results. — Santiago Cavazos, Staff Engineer @ Tesla

I've had the pleasure to work with Manny for the last 2 years before and after he became a Manager at Tesla. Manny distinguishes for his outstanding communication skills, his unparalleled work ethic and his always positive attitude in adversity all this on top of being an expert at his craft. Karla Arianna Reyes, Release Management @ Tesla

It's been an absolute privilege to have worked alongside Manny. In my collaborations with him, his skill and ability to lead and influence others towards achieving the same goal is truly exceptional. His calm approach to tackling problems establishes the right attitude for all stakeholders involved to deliver the best solution. With his drive to improve the product, dedication to his team, and excellent communication skills, he would not only be an asset to any project but would also be integral to the team’s success. — Arnold Soong, Product Manager @ Tesla & NIO

I have worked with Manny many times on international projects. In my experience, always professional and responsive, which is what's required when collaborating over different time zones. A skilled Web Developer with attention to details and great communication skills. I look forward to working with Manny again in the future. — John Sayers, Product @ Tesla

I have worked with Manny for several years now and he quickly became our go-to in product & engineering for all Financial Services web projects because of his speed, in-depth business understanding, and creative solutions. Manny delivers beyond expectations under seemingly impossible tight timelines again and again. He is the most reliable person I have worked with at Tesla—delivering high quality results with speed. Manny is an exceptional communicator and he keeps all business partners and developers on the same page with proper expectations. Manny is adaptable and a leader. This combination enables him to effectively navigate his team and business partners through evolving business requirements. — Morgan Chatley, Sr. Partner Manager, Financial Services @ Tesla

Manny is one of the most hard-working, dedicated and loyal members of the team who embodied the Tesla spirit more than anyone I have known. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty more times than I can count, working with his team in North America, Europe and other regions to successfully deliver on impossibly tight deadlines yet always managing to keep a positive attitude despite the relentless pressure. It was due to this attitude and consistent, top-notch output that Manny was promoted through the ranks to eventually manage the Company's flagship Configurator team and digital application where he served as a liaison with the business, including executives, and worked to plan mission critical, company-wide projects with cross-functional teams, gather requirements and set schedules. I have no doubt that Manny will make a great addition to any team, particularly in a leadership role where he has proven successful in leading teams, creating incredible digital experiences for end-users, and executing on strategic visions and goals. — Victor Barclay, Sr. Manager, Web & Digital Products @ Tesla

I have worked with and known Manny for more than five years, and have found him to be honest, reliable and intelligent. Manny worked with an age and ethnically diverse team to plan and execute the first-ever Great Basin Water Tour. Thanks to his mastery of logistics and ability to work with others under pressure and against a deadlines, the tour was a complete success. Manny also managed a team of staff, interns and volunteers to align them on an array of issue campaigns around environmental justice in Nevada in a skillful and highly professional way. Thanks to Manny’s work, PLAN is much better suited to the challenges of organizational growth in a sometimes hostile issue environment. — Bob Fulkerson, State Director, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

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