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Manny Becerra as a child

This site

I built this website myself using a combination of tools, patterns, best practices and web technologies:

For secure, reliable hosting, I leverage Zeit's Now platform. Now allows me to seamlessly configure and implement a continuous integration and deployment (CI/D) pipeline using the command line (CLI). When I fancy, I can easily ship changes to a staging area for testing and review, then production - www.mannybecerra.com.

Other notable tidbits

  • code is saved, versioned and maintained with git and housed in GitHub
  • the main content is generated from Markdown files that I write with semantic meaningful markup (#A11Y). Markdown content elements (e.g. paragraphs, headers, etc.) are mapped to a central set of UI React components when being rendered for consistency in look-and-feel with the rest of the site
  • the site is generated using server side rendering (SSR) for better performance and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • there's an offline mode to this site in case connectivity is lost, loaded content and pages can still be viewed and navigated to, respectively, until you connectivity is regained (#PWA)
  • there are multiple themes one can switch between to help make it easier on the eyes to read the content depending on your surrounding environment or any eye constraints

Multiple themes

I created two (2) themes for the site: a default, light mode and a darker mode that is ideal for nighttime viewing (easier on the eyes; allows your eyes to focus more on what's in front of you: the screen content).

To toggle between the themes, you can use either the keyboard or the user interface (UI):

  • Using the keyboard: press the shift and m keys at the same time, shift + m
  • Using the UI: select the horizontal toggle switch located at the top of the page


  • If your system or operating system allows for toggling between dark mode and a default one, this site is "smart enough" to pre-load your system configuration
  • Both themes are based on the default theme I created and packaged with the Bristlecone Design System; the color styles for each theme are configured to have a minimum contrast ratio of 4.5:1. Learn more about color contrast and what it means to your users at the A11Y project site.

Selected Projects, Community Involvements and Highlights

My ethos, passion, etc. are found in dedicated sections on this site, however, below is a high-level overview of some selected projects, products and community efforts I've been a part of:

Product Design, Engineering and Leadership

Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Designed, Developed and rolled out an Internet-of-Things (IoT) Mobile (iOS and Android) and Progressive Web App (PWA) that leverages Raspberry Pi, React Hooks, Bristlecone Design System, analytics, and good ol' fashion semantic HTML and CSS. Check out the corresponding blog post for this project for further details


Operational leadership, integrated systems, outreach and education, Tesla Gigafactory 1 (Nevada)
  • Mentorship of new staff
  • Co-lead in developing, rolling out, and iterating on operational KPIs
  • Worked internally and externally, in a cross-functional and collaborative mannerr, in promoting and influencing strategic product direction in our collective effort to build the "Machine that builds the Machine"
  • Connecting the Company with the community at-large through educational and workforce development opportunities
Lead product and UI/X engineer, and team manager for Tesla's Design Studio (Configurator)
  • Assembled and lead a diverse, talented and high-performing team, some based out of North America, others in other countries and continents (e.g. Mexico, Europe)
  • From concept and prototypes to real-deal pixels on a screen, continuously shipped UI/X and cross-functional, architectural enhancements on the Company's customer-facing, revenue-generating digital product (online and retail touchscreen)
  • Localized for 30+ languages/regions; took into consideration local customs and assumptions (worked directly with local individuals and experts for final vetting of copy and UI/X)
  • End-to-end, multimedia solution; starting from the front-end -- online, including all retail store-fronts, to the backend -- finance, sales (CRM) and manufacturing systems
  • Worked with cross-functional teams throughout the company, at all-levels, for integrating and launching all new products and enhancements in support of the overarching vision
  • Curated and executed on the team's roadmap in support of the vision
  • Mentored and coached teammates, supporting all teammates with intentional career pathways for continuous career growth and advancement

Community, Art, Advisement and Speaking

My aspirations and experiences are not positional: they are experiences that I carry forward to the next opportunity to contribute to meaningful work and relationships by doing intentional work that inherently has an impact on the lives around me, directly and indirectly. I am conscious about what and where I place my focus on for maximizing my efforts toward helping solve real-world problems.