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[...]Manny delivers beyond expectations under seemingly impossible tight timelines again and again. He is the most reliable person I have worked with at Tesla – delivering high quality results with speed.

Manny is an exceptional communicator and he keeps all business partners and developers on the same page with proper expectations. Manny is adaptable and a leader. This combination enables him to effectively navigate his team and business partners through evolving business requirements.

I have had the pleasure to work with Manny over the last 4 years at Tesla, and can say without a doubt that he is not only one of the strongest developers that I have ever worked with but also an exceptional team leader.

Manny is an amazing leader and a dedicated contributor. [...]Manny would find time, no matter how busy he was, and work through any questions I had. He has a calm, level headed and positive personality and a driven nature.

Manny is the hardest worker I have ever had the pleasure of working with both at Tesla and in my professional career. His technical capacity for software development is unquestioned, but what really sets him apart is his empathy and his personal approach to work where he specializes in harvesting a team energy unrivaled in the IT world as far as I'm concerned. He is great at organizing the troops and getting all stakeholders involved in a way that's conducive to great results.

Manny is one of the most hard-working, dedicated and loyal members of the team who embodies the Tesla spirit more than anyone I know. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty more times than I can count.

I have come to know him as a truly valuable asset who not only could be counted on to always deliver what was asked of him, but who also volunteered for additional responsibilities wherever there was a gap that needed to be filled.

Manny is a fantastic developer and person. He always greets you with a smile and a fist-bump. Well-organized and efficient in delegating tasks, he has always impressed me with the amount of work he accomplishes in a given timeframe. The biggest and most impactful aspect I see in Manny is his attitude towards the environment he finds himself. He always has a smile, regardless of the time of day and even the amount of work that is on his plate.

Manny has always given himself fully to whatever he is working on at the time whether it be dish washing jobs in high school or as a senior-level professional. One of Manny's greatest strengths is his empathetic, empowering and focused leadership style and special spark that makes following him easy. This is because it is always obvious that he is looking out for everyone’s best interest, not just his own. He is an innovative and global thinker who motivates the people around him just by being himself.

Manny has a history of working in a cross-functional way with a wide variety of people. I personally experienced this as a librarian at Truckee Meadows Community College where I worked with him on various projects involving other faculty, staff, and students. He also served as a great advocate for students in and outside of the classroom, demonstrated by his work with the college’s LGBTQ population.

In my collaborations with Manny, his skill and ability to lead and influence others towards achieving the same goal is truly exceptional. His calm approach to tackling problems establishes the right attitude for all stakeholders involved to deliver the best solution.

With his drive to improve the product, dedication to his team, and excellent communication skills, he would not only be an asset to any project but would also be integral to the team’s success.

Manny is very knowledgeable in web development. His contribution to some of the major projects at Tesla increased the revenue for the company. He is very hard working, dedicated and makes sure to deliver his things with high quality. He has very good communication skills and understands the SDLC cycle. He is very prompt in following the process for a given task. As a manager, he is good in people management as well.

During the time our resources worked with Manny, we noticed that he is an excellent manager and mentor for everybody working under him. He is a true leader and helps drive the team towards success.

Manny has a heartfelt commitment for developing community partnerships that consistently and intentionally work together to create a better world for everyone through leading by example and collaboration.

Manny's commitment to daily self-reflection is telling of his gratefulness for being bestowed with the responsibility of helping lead to learn, grow and adapt as needed so that the organization can continue to succeed in meeting its goals now and into the future.

Manny has an amazing work ethic and is a pleasure to work with. Not only does he solve every technical problem that comes up, but he does it right and gets results in an extremely timely fashion. Manny communicates well and always keeps me in the loop on the projects he's working on, and has never let me down. He is also a great guy. He is one of the most talented and caring individuals I know. There is no ego involved, just the desire to help others and make a difference.

Landscape photo of the Truckee River in the Great Basin in Northern Nevada on an early morning in November 2016 not too far from the Tesla Gigafactory
Landscape photo of the Downtown Reno area with the Truckee River below (from West to East) during a 2017 Spring summer morning.
Landscape photo of the Latin America.
Landscape photo of Amsterdam with a nearby tram.
Landscape photo of the Downtown Reno area with the Truckee River below (from West to East) during a 2017 Spring evening around sunset time.
Landscape photo of the a quiet lake in the Pacific Northwest.